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A twin-stick shooter in which you, a lowly apprentice to the archmage, are left to fend for yourself after his untimely death. Brave the various wings of a mansion where creatures, automatons, and traps run wild. Use the magic of heat and metal to devastate anything in your way! Shoot fireballs, dodge projectiles of agonizing death, dash like a meteor, and shoot BIGGER fireballs.

  • Top-down twin-stick action with bullet hell elements.
  • Simple, reliable, bug-free mechanics.. it's all down to skill.
  • Time-trial replayability; race the clock for rank.
  • Play with mouse and keyboard or gamepad.
  • Accessible for most gamers, but challenging enough for the genre.
  • Four wings, each with its own boss.

This project was undertaken in the spring of 2017 as part of a TAMK university's Game Academy program.  Despite having a smaller-than-average team of two programmers and one artist, we were determined to create something worth publishing. For the most part, we learned as we went, from new software, to new techniques, to Unity's own quirks and possibilities. Thanks to a lot of dedication and adaptability (and some well-placed feedback), we're proud to offer it, free of charge.


Intended to run on Windows only. Just unzip and place Forge Wizard.exe and resources folder in your desired location. No software installation necessary.

  • Move with WASD.
  • There are no tutorials; the first room clearly explains all controls within the environment.
  • You must first progress through the wings in order to unlock them; thereafter, replay them to update your book with a better time!
  • You have five lives at the start of every fight, but each one you lose adds time to the clock. If you want a good rank, consider self-preservation!


Forge Wizard.zip 689 MB

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